Baby's small butt is born so delicate, cuticle thin, defense function is lower than adults, whether using diapers or traditional diapers, urine stimulation is easy to cause allergies, common red butt, diaper rash. Therefore, the first point of infant hip care is to change diapers frequently, do frequent washing and changing frequently, to avoid the butt soak in urine for a long time.

When changing diapers, the first to clean the butt skin, male and female babies should pay attention to the cleaning of the private parts; Then dry your butt, keep it dry, and apply a baby-specific buttock cream to insulate your skin and urine. Finally change into a clean diaper or diaper.

Baby hip care steps:

1, with one hand to lift the baby's buttocks, then buttocks into the bottom of the diaper pants.

2, with a wet tissue to wipe the baby's lower body clean, and then wipe dry.

3. Apply talcum powder or baby skin cream after the skin is dry.

4. Separate your feet moderately, then place the diaper between your legs and adjust the shape of the diaper naturally.

5, let the diaper close to the back, so as not to flow urine from the back.

6. Fix the diaper cover symmetrically. If the diaper is squeezed out of the cover, it should be tucked into the pants.