Go out now often see a little baby "hang" on the body of father and mother, some use waist stool, some use suspender, but the mother that has a part also is existing doubt, it is to use waist stool good, still be suspender good? What harm does lumbar stool have to using darling?

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One, waist stool and suspender distinction

Waist stool easy to install and remove, easy to clean, with storage space. These advantages are not the back scarf and belt.

The belt is suitable for small months old to 6 months old baby, convenient child and mother close contact. I am not used to it at the beginning. Once I get used to it, I will find it convenient and safe.

Two, how old can the baby use waist stool?

Children learn to sit, or have been able to support their upper body for a long time, parents can let the children sit on the waist stool, generally is the child 6 months to the age of 1.

The child arrives 6 months old, the waist had strength, enough supports the upper body of the body, won't increase the pressure of the lower body to affect the development of leg ministry muscle and leg ministry skeleton. After 1 year old the child is big, weight is increased use waist stool is bad to the waist that grows to the family,Baby carrier.

Three, improper use will cause harm to the baby

1. The hip joint is easily dislocated

Thigh is the main point of stress, hip joint stress is very little, this is the safest way. In the false demonstration, we can see that the stress point is concentrated on the hip joint, and the risk of dislocation of the hip joint will increase.

Strap waist stool is the same, to ensure that the baby's thighs are open like frogs, knee bending, in the "M" type sitting position! Also remember to buy a waist stool needs to have a back pocket and shoulder strap, can protect the waist of parents.

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2. Affect children's development

Protect hip joint do not forget 90 degrees of right Angle protects the child's spine, otherwise affect the child growth and development.

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The force point of waist stool is hip. Waist stool is as the person moves and shake, darling sits on such an object, rachis needs to bear more external wallop, have higher requirement to the rachis development of the child.

When using waist stool, when the baby faces inward, we will instinctively hold the baby's back with our hands, which is actually protecting the baby's lumbar spine.

When the child is facing outside, the correct approach is to ensure that the baby's back is close to the parents, thigh and back in a right Angle, while the knee natural bending relax.

How to use the waist stool?

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1. The American academy of pediatrics recommends that you avoid wearing braces that curl your baby's body into a "C" shape and arch his or her body. Braces also give your baby a head to lean on, which can make breathing difficult.Ergonomic Kangaroo Baby Slings Carrier

2. The belt of the waist stool should be fixed above the crotch bone. It should not be too loose or too tight.

3 when going out for a long time, had better wear "waist stool" the shoulder belt that form a complete set, reduce the load of the waist to a certain extent.

All right, that's the end of the back strap. Do you have any questions at the end? Feel free to discuss rain drops with your pediatrician friends in the comments section.