Now many artifacts of the invention solves the problem in many people's lives, especially with children of some artifact is really very practical, know to hold a child but a physical labor is also a live technical, many mothers will because of holding the baby back pain, so there will be a waist stool this artifact, the waist stool can use how old baby.

Waist stool can be used for baby size

Waist stool says simple point is to be hanged on the waist the tool that resembles a stool to hold a baby, so the baby is sitting on waist stool above, waist stool can use a few months to depend on the development circumstance of darling body. The product manual of the waist stool on the market has marked the use time although different, but most of the recommendations are 4 months to 3 years old, the baby weighing less than 25KG. According to medical survey, China currently at 0 to 4 months baby lay most, this is because the phase of the baby's waist and cervical vertebra is in development stage, such as the four months later, the waist of the baby, most of them are developed to a certain stage of cervical vertebra, to think, in our baby more than three months at the end of 4 months, the baby's head can stand up, baby can also end up holding, according to the common sense, the baby can use waist stool.

The function of waist stool

Waist stool is a small stool strapped to the waist of parents actually, but a lot of waist stools in China are a few syncretic now, also bring the function of carry belt. Baby carrier When using any type of suspender, the key is to check the child's leg posture to prevent hip dislocation. There are many cases of hip dislocation caused by braces in the United States every year. Even if it is a probability, we hope that people pay attention to it, especially parents who need to use braces for a long time. When the child is sitting in the harness, make sure the baby's thighs are open like frogs and knees are bent in an m-shape.

Above is small make up for the waist stool can be used in the baby how old, give the relevant information. This waist stool but mother-to-be a labor-saving artifact, a lot of mother-to-be will buy a thing like this to solve some of their problems, but small make up to remind everyone, to check the sitting position of good children has prevented the deformation of the child's legs.