The baby is in the bosom is true cost physical strength, so it is very necessary to prepare a child suspender, but child suspender kind is various, so common baby suspender and lumbar stool suspender which is good? Choose according to your baby's age. My baby is 10 months old, so I bought this Jerrybaby waist bench strap carefully on Ergonomic Kangaroo Baby Slings Carrier. The waist bench strap is not suitable for the baby who is too small. The baby's bones are too soft.

The goods arrived very quickly and we received the straps with very delicate packaging, and the method of carrying the baby with the belt on the waist stool is very considerate for the new parents like us.

After opening the package, I found that the blue plaid I chose was relatively fresh in appearance at first, and there were also dust bag packaging outside. As expected, a good product is able to experience different feelings.

Above all the material of lumbar stool belt is the air grid that four seasons can use at ease, summer has good air permeability, so darling and parent won't feel frowsty. In winter, the gas is good, so you can feel warm.

Soft baby carrier baby waist stool straps for waist stool in the construction of the waist stool carrier, windshield, even use also won't feel difficult at first, waist stool can be used alone, children sit on the parents with a hand, will be more ShengJin, fit can use hands free, parents can free hand to do other things, if out of the bad weather, the decisive device on the windshield, give the baby a warm comfortable small environment.

It can be seen that the stool core is a reassuring EPP material. Compared with other materials, it is lighter in weight, but it is more tough and durable, without harmful substances. Both the baby and the parent can use it safely.

At home, I usually only use the waist-stool, which can save a lot of physical strength to coax the baby to sleep. Parents with children know how difficult it is to coax the child to sleep. Thanks to the belt of the waist-stool on baby carrier, we can get some relief!