Why now more and more people like to put the baby on her back? Many people feel more fresh, that's because the baby on her back to mother's hand, good liberation can also increase the baby's vision, mother will be a lot easier, can do some ordinary chores, such as laundry, cleaning, but also was doing housework with mother "chat", also saw my mother wash clothes, the process of sleepy words also can sleep in the mother's back, for mother, this empty hands, can do a lot of things.

A few months baby can back

More than 4 months baby can choose baby carrier. But the child 4 to 6 months, the neck muscle has not yet well developed, not well to support the head, so, had better use back before, let the baby to parents, to facilitate parents observe baby's state in time, avoid the risk of choking because of straps extrusion nose and mouth.

What are the advantages of back baby carrier?

1. Make the normal development of the spine

Newborn baby is almost vertical spine, but normal adult spine is "S" shape, with cervical, thoracic and lumbar and sacral four physiological bending. The victory of the spine curve is of great significance, can undertake to maintain normal stand posture, balance the body exercise, weight, motion buffer shock and protect spinal cord, etc. Childhood to take the position of the pose is one of the important factors to promote spinal physiological bending forming. If the baby's head movement, can promote the formation of cervical curve; Born after 6 months can sit, due to the effect of weight of the head and upper body in the thoracic spine, gradually developed a chest and qu: stand up and walk and prompted the waist drink sacral music development. Baby lying in bed all day or cradle, while stimulating the spine normal physiological bending forming, but over time can cause adverse effects on spinal cord development. In addition, the baby within one full year of life, because the skull seam is not fixed, recumbent too long will cause the occipital collapse, forming "flat head"; Side to sleep too long, and can lead to asymmetric growth on both sides of the cheek.Soft Baby Carriers

2. To promote the development of the children's second signal system

The second signal system refers to the language and other functions of the brain. According to research, children are also very good back. Parents can arrange appropriate time carrying a baby, one side can make hand at home, a twitter for language and with children. Develop the child's language ability, promote the growth of the brain. This is in the can yet be regarded as a kind of make up for a lack of early education caused by the housework drag on.

3. Improve the quality of the baby to sleep

The study found that baby why holding and carrying easily fall asleep. As a child in the mother's arms and back can be more easy to find in the mother's belly that kind of feeling. Including the current heart rate, temperature, odour, vibration frequency and so on, so that children can have a sense of security to fall asleep easily. So like mother holding and carrying the baby. These are some of the baby's bed can't replace.

What's the matters needing attention back baby?

1, the size of the size

When the choose and buy the best take baby to have a try, baby can not be tied too tight, the purpose of the straps is helping my mother holding the baby, is not tied to the baby, if found the baby when the trial limb activity limitations, that is not suitable. To choose the sort of put it with his hand holding the baby he felt almost products.Baby Slings

2, back is not good for a long time

If mama with straps back baby for a long time, treasure treasure mom also thank received oppression for very long periods of time, will cause the mother suffering from mastitis or laticifer blocking of disease, so treasure the mother should pay attention to, baby back, to the appropriate to have a rest.

3, belt around your waist

To treasure the mother suspenders, fasten belt around navel position, make the waist can made the weight of the upper body is very good, but also can reduce the burden of mother good, also can let the baby to stick tighter, attached below the waist of center of gravity be unsteady is easy to happen. Small make up feel song waist stool is very convenient, at the very least, mom was not so tired, empty hands can do more things, small make up recommend, if the baby with four months do not recommend using the waist stool.