Now there are many parenting artifact, these things let a person is very convenient, also often see the street there are many young mother for the sake of convenient, with a waist stool, let the child sit in the waist stool, some watch posture is very correct, children sit waist stool is also very comfortable, but some have been watching very uncomfortable.

It is these some awkward posture, let the child very uncomfortable, to a certain extent, can also affect the child and the mother's body, have a harm to them, some children and mother is not suitable for use waist stool, if your child has the following situation, then still drop waist stool!

1, the baby's head and spine not good had better not use the waist stool.

The wrong waist a chair method:

The correct waist a chair method:

Many newborns in three to four months have not develop well, their strength is relatively small head, there is no muscle strength, habit feet below the stomach, can help alleviate baby's spine.Baby carrier

If at this time for baby stool with the waist, so the baby is easy to appear the spinal cord injury.

2 the dislocation of the hip, waist stool will make children.

Many waist stool will lead to the child's leg posture,Hipseat Baby Carrier giving them a dislocation of the hip, American studies have proved that each year because many straps dislocation of the hip in children children, hope that the parents also want to.

3, the child is very heavy to sit waist stool will lead to herniation, mother makes a backache.

Many mothers think with waist stool to arm not so hard, holding the baby isn't so tired, but, waist stool with the power of the mother around the waist, can make the waist of the mother has been in the condition of bent, time is long is easy to back pain.

How old is the child sit waist fit stool?

General children grow up to six months he had learned to crawl, at this time of the child has learned to independent sit, strengthened the power of the waist, enough to prop up the upper part of the body, this time for children to sit waist stool, we would not add too much pressure to the lower part of the child body and affect the development of children's bone health and leg muscle.

However, because in the process of development of every child is different, not all children are appropriate for six months with sit stool, if a child in the six months haven't learned how to sit, not climb, or six months is not supporting his upper body, parents don't let the child sit stool.Soft Baby Carriers

To sum up, the waist stool only after the child learned how to sit for a baby, this time the child's waist strength has been mature, capable of supporting the weight of the body, can comfortably sat in the waiting, and more stable, will not affect the child's physical development.