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Ergonomic Kangaroo Baby Slings Carrier Top Quality Hipseat Adjustable Breathable Backpack Carrier For Baby Carrier Grey

27 Reviews
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Our two-in-one(hipseat+carrier) baby carrier has all the carry positions you need.For baby 0-36 Months,bearing weight:0-20kg.

COMFORTABLE - Our carrier ensures your baby is always seated in an comfortable position. Ease the burdon of holding baby by hands from shoulder,abdomen and waist.Designed with H type bridge belt,which makes mom not tired for a whole day.

ADJUSTABLE - Our carrier is designed to fit all parents. It easily adjusts to fit different wearers.

DURABLE - Can be used for multiple years.

DETACHABLE STORING BAG - Designed with large-capacity bag,you can easily store things(phone, keys, wallet, diaper & wipes) for daily use,and can be removed easily.

ANTI-SLIP STOOL - Designed with original silicone material,which can reduce the shaking and displacement of the hip even walking in a bumpy situation,gives your baby a comfortable experience.

JerryBaby:Healthy &Comfortable Designed For You

Our infant carrier is just what you need to comfortably and ergonomically carry your little one around.

We are proud to announce that we offer the softest, most flexible, and comfortable baby carrier on the market!

It can withstand the baby weight and evenly distribute it on the buttocks to prevent pain and discomfort in the back and shoulder areas.

Technical Details

Item Weight 1.1 pounds
Product Dimensions 9.8 x 8.3 x 7.9 inches
Item model number 103
Target gender Unisex
Minimum weight recommendation 13.23 Pounds
Maximum weight recommendation 44.1 Pounds
Material Type Cotton
Care instructions Machine Washable
Additional product features Travel, walking
Style baby carrier
Best uses travel,walking
Batteries required No
Shipping Weight 1.3 pounds


27 Reviews

Good Quality
Quality is very good! I can only recommend it. Baby is sitting in it very well. The straps do not press on the shoulders.The baby carrier is super comfortable to wear.

son loves it
love the ergo my sister had the old design that you had to use the insert with and I love that this is just one piece and just adjusts as my baby gets bigger. my son loves being in this

Buy it!
We use this carrier everyday. My husband is 6'2" and I am 5'2" and we both use this carrier. Adjusting the straps to fit our frames takes about 1 minute. I wear it with the straps crossed at the back because my frame is so narrow. My husband wears it normally. Our son loves it, he will fall asleep in about 2-3 minutes after settling in. We've used this since he was 5 days old- now a little older than 9 weeks. We use this in place of bringing a carseat and/or stroller everywhere we go. We didn't get an infant carseat for a lot of reasons, but mainly in an attempt to be more frugal with both money and space. This is definitely the way to go. We hang this up in the hall closet when not in use so it's out of the way and stays clean. It's very easy to set up to fit your baby. Since he's so young, we've only used the front carry position. I have yet to try to breast feed in this carrier but that is an advertised feature. Sometimes our son takes an entire nap in this carrier when he won't nap in his bassinet. We don't even mind as we can still get chores done and my husband can sit at his computer comfortably with it on. We have taken this on a week long trip out of state. I wore it in the airport and it was a real lifesaver. He slept through the entire process- from bag check to security, to boarding the plane. I didn't even have to take it off through security but I'm sure TSA varies every airport. We all love this thing. One of the best purchases we've made.

I LOVE this carrier
I LOVE this carrier! It's the only brand that doesn't hurt my bad back. The material is sturdy and high quality and I love that you no longer need to use the infant insert with it! My tiny newborn fit perfectly and comfortably.It's definitely worth the investment.

Perfect for Baby who loves to be held
PERFECT for my son! This Ergo is very breathable, secure, and doesn’t kill your back. I love this thing and so does my son!! It’s great for getting things done around the house or going to Disney.

stars the hip seat is great
Really high quality comparing to the previous 2 I owned , this one really holds the baby well and comfortable and I love the hip seat that comes with it very helpful .

Worth every penny
I use this practically everyday (going on 8months). It keeps baby happy, and is comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It is very adjustable and quick and easy to strap in.

Love the front facing feature
Love the front facing feature, especially when you have a curious baby who loves looking at new thing when you go out. Easy to put on, also gives you some back support while wearing it. I'm 5' 2 and I could reach to the back shoulder clip with no problems. Most importantly my 8 months old loves being in this carrier.

Love it!
Best purchase for my son! And so glad I got it. It’s been a lifesaver for vacations, grocery trips, and other kid events. Fits comfortably unlike other ones I have tried.

Great Carrier a must have!
Great carry. Back saving! The front pocket is very convenient. I will say- my baby was 9# 11oz when born and he seemed too small for the carrier in the beginning. I did also get the infant insert (even though you supposedly do not need it with this carrier). I felt when he was first born I had to tighten everything so much it created a huge curve in baby's back, which it says in the instructions not to do. I did end up using the infant insert for the first few weeks. If you are a first time parent you can probably get away with no carrier or a cheap one ( We only used a carrier 2-3 times with our first). For me this was for my second baby and I use it constantly.

Worth the money
This is the best carrier! I love how easy it is to adjust for a growing baby. It’s soft, but sturdy and I love the durability.

easy to wear
It's so comfortable and easy to wear. And my baby is super comfy facing in or out, or on our backs. I use it in the supermarket so I don't have to lug the stroller around and it's so convenient and easy.

Best carrier!
Everything went perfectly.The widened shoulder strap distributes the weight of the baby evenly, making me feel comfortable. Because the straps are adjustable, my husband can use it. Recommend.

As expected
It is well made, very well padded & very light! Easy to handle - super light and comfortable! The child also feels well and that is the most important.

Exceeded expectations
Despite many positive reviews I was still skeptical, but baby carrier is everything I wanted and more! Not too bulky or heavy, distributes weight to the hips perfectly, comfortable and secure for baby, outward-facing option, and now with a breathable mesh material which is perfect for my hot-weather climate. Couldn’t be happier. My little guy, 2 months old, falls asleep every time I put him in it, he’s so comfortable and happy.

Beautiful color and versatility
Beautiful color and versatility. This has been my favorite carrier.

Love this carrier
Love this carrier!! My son who is 3 months seems to love it too! I can wear it while I cook dinner and do things around the house as well. It's so Comfortable

Love it. I can carry my 14 month old ...
Love it. I can carry my 14 month old in this so much better than any other brand. It helps the hips and back from getting fatigued and she seems comfortable in it. I tried an off brand. Don't waist your time. Get this one. It is worth the price difference

very good
High quality, very good.

Well worth the money
Love love love this carrier. We originally got the Baby Bjorn, but this one is better for a baby’s hips. I really wanted one that can face outward because my daughter loves to watch things around her. I wear it while grocery shopping and it makes the task SO much easier. My daughter has even fallen asleep in it facing forward. That’s how comfortable it is.

Wonderful comfortable and easy to use
My little one LOVES being in the OMNI carrier. I love that it is quick and easy to strap him in snuggly (even by myself) and that this product will grow with him. It's and easy and quick change from front facing to facing inward. Construction is sturdy and I love all of the safety measures!

Best there is!
We have tried most carriers and this is by far the best one we have found.

SO SO SO GOOD. Well made unlike the imitations. Very Comfortable
I bought one for myself and my sister. For me it eases the pain on my shoulder and wrist to hold my almost 30lb kid! She loves to be held and comforted and this is the only way I can do it after a rotator cuff surgery last year.

She had it on her registry and was happy to receive it
This baby carrier was for my niece. She had it on her registry and was happy to receive it

Very comfortable for me and my baby!!
This is the best carrier I've owned so far and I have 2 other kinds! I was worried after reading some reviews that it would be too bulky on me, but I'm 5'3" 115lbs and this carrier feels great on my body and my baby is very comfortable in it (she's 9mo)!

Worth every penny.
I was skeptical to spend so much money on a baby carrier. We had a cheaper off brand version that was extremely uncomfortable. This fits like a dream and my son likes facing outwards. We’re using it for our first airplane trip with the baby.

I've tried them all and this is the best baby carrier for your m
I've tried them all and this is the best baby carrier for your money ever. Totally versatile and you can wear from infancy on. I've even put my three year old in it!
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